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Close-up comparison of No Roll Seam Ripper (left) Heavy Duty Seam Ripper (right)

Here is a seam ripper on steroids! Do you ever need a seam ripper that will allow you to rip through heavy thread with ease? This ripper was designed for heavy-duty use. If you are using regular-duty seam rippers and find that you are breaking the tips, the HDSR is for you! Compare the size of the HDSR with that of the No Roll Seam Ripper. The HDSR is great for upholstery, canvas work, sail making, and other heavy use. If you are a seamstress this one is for you. Also those that do a lot of button holes will love this one. Because it is such a heavy-duty ripper it will stay sharp longer and it is much more sturdy than the regular-duty seam rippers.

The HDSR has a larger cutting surface, an integral metal ball on the business end and will stay sharp longer than the No Roll Seam Ripper. Also, the hand-crafted wood handle is larger for greater comfort and grip. The HDSR will become your go-to ripper for most of your seam ripping needs.

PRICE: $25






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Heavy-Duty Seam Ripper